Jan 22, 2015

Tip 29-2014: Avoid Closing Delays with Well & Septic Reports

One way to avoid a possible delay with a closing is to make sure that the Well and Septic reports are ordered in a timely manner. The listing realtor knows to order these reports within thirty days of the closing, but if the reports are ordered too close to the closing date, another problem could potentially arise.

If the well needs to be treated, there is an automatic 3-4 day delay until the well can be chlorinated and then re-tested. As a good practice tip, if the house has been empty for a while, go ahead and chlorinate the well now. Then, when the report is ordered for the closing, the well will probably pass the first time.

The normal septic inspection does not usually cause a delay, but there are those occasions where a problem is found. A delay could occur while the septic tank is dug up and inspected. As another good practice tip, the Listing Agent could ask the Seller when was the last time the septic tank was pumped. If the tank was recently cleaned, obtain a copy of a report to provide to the Purchaser. If (as is more likely) the Seller cannot remember when the septic tank was last pumped, suggest that it be pumped now.

Calculating the perfect time to order a well and septic report presents a challenge but one that can be overcome!

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