Jan 22, 2015

Tip 26-2014: The Labor Day Dash

This year's Labor Day weekend occurs August 30th - September 1st with Monday, September 1st being Labor Day.

The Clerk's Offices should all be open through Friday, August 29th. If the Deed cannot be recorded by Friday, August 29th, then the recording will have to wait until Tuesday, September 2nd.

We recommend that any Friday closings occur as early as possible in the morning if the Deed needs to be recorded before the end of business. It is always possible that the individual Clerk's Offices may elect to close earlier on Friday than normal hours.

Because the end of the month coincides with a three-day weekend, we all need to work together to make sure that the end of August closings are completed as smoothly as possible with everyone able to move in according to their plans.

Have a great Labor Day!

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