Jan 22, 2015

37-2014: Scam Alert

Tucker's Tips has recently become aware of a new scam involving a notice from "Virginia Council for Corporations."

An entity is posing as the Virginia State Corporation Commission and is attempting to solicit money from companies and corporations. The entity sends official looking notices to companies and requests $125 to file annual reports that go to the State Corporation Commission.

The SCC has received numerous inquiries regarding the notices and has even posted an alert on their website. According to the SCC, "A search of the Commission's business entity records in the Clerk's Office revealed no information about a company with the name Virginia Council for the Corporations."

The SCC advises, "Any corporation that has questions about the solicitation of form is encourage to obtain advice from its lawyer or business advisor. Also, the Clerk's Office can be contacted at (804) 371-9733 or 1-866-722-2551 (toll-free in Virginia) for information about corporate annual report and other business entity filing requirements under Virginia law."

P.S. See following links for an example of the solicitation notice and the alert posted by the SCC.

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