May 3, 2013

Tip 18-2013: Smooth Selling (Part 1)

As the spring market heats up, Tucker's Tips will be presenting a three part series on valuable advice for Sellers. This advice will help ensure "Smooth Selling."  
Sellers should:  
  1. Select an experienced local real estate agent. (Someone who has knowledge of your local market is preferable).
  2. Provide a copy of the title insurance policy and physical survey to your listing agent.
  3. Understand that correct names are important. (The Deed has the "correct" names).
  4. Provide the correct property address, correct legal description, and the tax map and parcel number of the property.
  5. Select a real estate attorney early. Experience is important. If you have any questions regarding the contract language, ask your attorney for his legal opinion.
  6. Ask for an estimate of all settlement costs and what will be your approximate net. To assist in this estimate, please provide a copy of all current mortgage statements, including any equity lines of credit even if they have a zero balance. (Remember your balance may not include any interest which continues to accrue daily).
Stay tuned for more tips for "Smooth Selling". 
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Tucker Griffin Barnes
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