Apr 11, 2012

Tip 14-2012: Surveys & Plats

Charlottesville Real Estate Attorney

Tip 14-2012: Surveys & Plats  

We have recently experienced problems with new physical surveys being different from what the parties thought were the location of improvements in relation to the actual property lines. For example, a driveway that encroaches on the adjacent property or a fence within the local Right of Way.  

Please try to provide the settlement attorney with a copy of any existing physical survey. Sometimes, even a plat of the boundary lines can be helpful. If no physical survey exists for the property, please explain to your client that it is extremely important to know where the house and all improvements are located on the property and if there are any encroachments or set back violations.  

Therefore, ordering a new physical survey may be necessary. Otherwise, the Purchaser is buying the Seller's problem!!

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