Aug 5, 2011

Tip 31-2011: Warning - Another Internet Scam

Tucker’s Tip #13-2011 warned about an internet scam where a foreign buyer wants to buy a higher price property for cash (usually sight unseen.)  There is a new scam making its way through both the Central Virginia and Valley real estate markets.

This new scam involves a Japanese citizen (“Akira Hibino”) living in Canada who wants to buy a property for cash.  He asks the realtor for a list of properties meeting certain criteria, and then selects one to put under contract.  He even includes a “questionable” bank statement showing sufficient cash to close.

The alleged buyer then asks the realtor to recommend an attorney to handle the transaction.  The buyer also does “not wish to forward my deposit to a third party.”  The buyer then contacts the attorney for a “retainer agreement.”  Eventually the buyer will ask for wiring instructions for the attorney’s escrow account.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME with this scam!  Once again the alleged buyer (scammer) is trying to steal the law firm’s identity.  He is not going to be buying any real estate.  If it seems too good to be true (a cash buyer for a higher price property without any issues,) it is too good to be true.  It’s a scam!!
PS—Just prior to this posting we were sent the name of another scammer from Canada (Shinjyo Naoki).  Be careful out there.
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