Apr 7, 2011

Tip 15-2011: Boiler Plate Deeds

(Boiler Plate Deeds)  Ron Critzer at Court Square Title was kind enough to share the following story!  He recently encountered two situations where multiple property owners decided to change title among each other.  Instead of retaining an attorney to be sure the deed was drafted properly, these owners attempted to save money and obtained an on-line deed template or something similar from Staples.  These “boiler plate” deeds can sometimes create significantly more problems and costs than what is saved.

In Ron’s two situations, the boiler plate deeds contained a reservation of mineral and subsurface rights by the Grantors.  In other words, the transferring (selling) owner still owns part of the real estate.  Now when the current owners want to sell you still have to track down the prior owners to get the mineral rights released.  What a mess!

In Ron’s words, “If you’re going to convey an interest in real estate, make sure an attorney prepares the deed.”

PS – I couldn’t have said it better.

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